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It's been forever since I've updated this journal, mainly because I got extremely into making graphics and the majority of my posts have been on my icons journal.

Now, I have my very own blog at Twisted where I post all of my graphics, icons and screencaps now as well as fan videos I have made and much more.

See you there!
emilie autumn

Going away... Maybe

About this time last month, I filled out an application to join Americorps. I did it really just to see if I even had interest and to learn more about it. I got tons of information, this is what we do, it's for 10 months, ect ect., and I set up an interview.

My interview was last week, Thursday the 16th, and I was pretty tongue tied when I was responding to the questions, which were about the same things that you are asked on a job interview. I think it went well, though, I am still very nervous about the outcome.

I hope I get in, I would be sent to another state, which I have never done alone.

I also really want to get into teaching english overseas.

One thing at a time.
emilie autumn

Is it just me?

Or are LJ layouts fucking up?

I don't know what it could be, but I have to make me a new layout anyway.

I guess I'll just put up my Pulp Fiction one.
emilie autumn

Oh yes, 20

My birthday is November 15th.

yay. (that didn't sound too happy) :)

Anyway, on to the job tip.

I am working at a new Albertsons, they transfered me. And, it's a busier store, with a HUGE floral department.

Take that you job taker. I am in a better store than you, where people actually BUY the flowers and not steal them or have their children run around and distroy them. HA

haha, that is enough of that.
emilie autumn

Ahhh, damnit

Yeah, so, Albertsons is closing. Saturday I was bumped. Someone from a closing store called me and told me. Which is bullshit!! How in the fuck do you tell someone that they are now out of a job and that you are the one taking it. You might as well go up to them and say, "hey, you won't be able to help your family out or pay rent anymore, I'm taking your job"
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